Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to those in the US! I hope you have had a nice long weekend if you had the day off. - 5 new decks - donate images through your member area! (10 per month per member for now) - you can now see what members have in their collect/keep/wishlist in the drop down when trading!

Happy Sunday!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Why do they go so quickly though? :( lol! - 5 new decks Enjoy your week!

Happy Belated Birthday, Christina!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! It's been getting hot here on the East Coast and I'm so sad about it lol (Fall and Winter girl for life! =P) But I hope for you summer lovers, you're having some lovely weather :) Our very own Christina had a birthday this past week so, happy birthday!

Happy Sunday!

Hi everyone! Just a quick update this week :) Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! - 5 new decks! See you next week!

5 New Decks :)

Just a quick update! - membercards can now be requested in your member area or off the main page. - we are aware of an issue with the keep section and some collecting cards defaulting there. - discord link should be fixed. Have a wonderful week!

Happy Sunday!

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a great weekend ♡ - 5 new decks! - adjustments to game winnings for more currency chances. - choice cards are now available in the shop for purchase. - we now have a "keep" section on your collections. Don't forget to join the discord! Donations are open, claim your favs that might be missing ♡

10 New Decks!

Happy Sunday ♡ Just a quick update: - 10 new decks! - new deck maker, Maitland! - wish cards removed, we are working on incorporating choice cards for purchase. - game timer adjustments. - new shop feature: buy random cards.

Big Deck Release!

Happy Sunday! (at least here on the East Coast ;)) - massive release (24 decks!) to help with all the fast masters =P - still working on behind the scenes things (card distribution, games, etc) - timezone selection has been added to the member area! - still looking for a deck maker or two! Please reach out on discord

4/5/23 - Mid Week Update

For the first two weeks of the TCG, we will be doing two updates per week. Here are the additions for today: - 5 new decks (frenchtoast, fettuccinealfredo, cupcakes, ramen, starbucks) - Upcoming Decks page (we also have a google doc on discord showing all donation claims) - New Games! Thank you to everyone for making these first few days such a success! We hope you are having as much as we are. Make sure you join the discord for more discussions :) We are looking for a deck maker or two to join our staff! If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to me on discord with a sample deck if possible


We are back up and running! We will continue to work on the back end of things throughout the next few days and weeks but you are more than welcome to join and start playing. Please join our Discord server as well if you would like to donate. The link is up top in the navigation bar. We are excited to be back! Christina & Shawna

Coming Soon!

Delectable is making a come back very soon but this time it will be fully automated. We are looking forward to seeing you all back and welcoming new members. :) - Christina & Shawna